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Datem Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides- Liquid-E472e

Were you looking for DATEM E 472e Dynatar 95-62-80 instead?

Product Specification

EC No.E 472e
Acid ValueMax75-95mgKOH/gm
 Iodine Value40-50g I/100g
Saponification Value 480-510 mgKOH/gm
 Dropping Point Liquid
Heavy Metals (as Pb)Max 10mg/kg
ArsenicMax 3 mg/kg
LeadMax 2 mg/kg
MercuryLess than 10 mg/kg
Arsenic Max 1 mg/kg
Cadmium Max 1 mg/kg


Dynatar 95-62-80 LQ is a Liquid Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Ester of Mono and Diglycerides with mid-level tartaric acid content.


Dynatar 95-62-80 LQ is used in Bread, Short-dough Biscuits and Oleo Resins.


Dynatar 95-62-80 LQ is a hydrophilic emulsifier which is easily dispersible in water. In bread it acts as a dough conditioner. In short- dough biscuits it plays a number of important functions. In Oleo- resins it acts as a dispersion agent.

Benefits in Bread

* Liquid dosing ensures good dispersibility in dough

* By strengthening the gluten network and improving gluten extensibility it increases the volume of bread

* It creates better dough elasticity, resulting in better over-spring

* It aids fat distribution in dough resulting in smaller cells and a more uniform crumb structure.

* Improves machinability by adding plasticity to dough thereby reducing inconsistencies in batches from varying quality of other ingredients or due to mechanical stress

* Partially reduces added gluten.

Benefits in Biscuits

* Improves the distribution of fat in dough thereby allowing the reduction of fat used by up to 20% without the need to add excess amounts of water to maintain dough consistency

* Improves volume of biscuits

* Adds plasticity to the dough thereby improving machinability, cutting, and moulding

* Improves crispness, bite, texture and eating quality

* Acts as a lecithin replacer

Benefits in Oleo-resins

* Improves the dispersion of oleo-resins in water

*  Stabilises such water-in-oil emulsion



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