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Mono and Diglycerides MDG GMS-E471

Product Specification

HLB36.- 4.2
Form waxy solid
ColourWhite to Off-white
Acid ValueMax 6 mgKOH/gm
Mono ContentMin 40%
Free GlycerolMax 7%
Melting Point54-60 C
Moisture ContentMin 1%
Saponification Value145-155 mgKOH/gm
Mono and Di-esterMin 70%
Total Glycerol23-33%
Heavy Metals (as Pb)Max 10mg/kg
ArsenicMax 3 mg/kg
CadmiumMax 1 mg/kg
MercuryMax 1mg/kg
LeadMax 5 mg/kg


Glycerol Mono Stearate or Mono and Diglycerides of fatty acids is produced by esterification of glycerol and fatty acids. It is one of the most widely used emulsifiers in the food and cosmetic industries. It is a lipophilic, non-ionic surfactants available as an ivory waxy solid in the form of powder, flakes or beads.

This is available in 40%-53% Alpha monoglyceride content.

Application in food

Baked Goods
Acts as a starch complexing and aeration agent.
It reduces starch degradation resulting in a softer crumb and longer shelf life.

Chewing gum, Toffees and Caramel: improves softening shelf life.

Dairy Products
Ice Creams and Desserts: aeration agent for increased overruns.

Margarines and Shortenings: Aeration agent and provides softness shelf life.

Mashed potatoes, pasta and noodles: Aids extrusion in extruded products. Improves rehydration and softness shelf life.

Non-food Application


Softener in Textiles


Shoe Waxes

Plastic Industry
Used as a lubricant in lastic extrusion.
Antifoaming and Anti-static agent.




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