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Glycerol Monooleate (GMO)

Product Specification

 HLB 3.8
 Form Liquid
 Colour Amber to pale yellow
 Acid Value Max 6 mgKOH/gm
 Hydroxyl Value 300-330 mgKOH/gm
 Iodine Value Max 58-80
 Free Glycerine Max 6 %
 Saponification Value 160-176 mgKOH/gm
 Total Mono Glyceride Content Min 35 10%
 Heavy Metals (as Pb) Less than 10 mg/kg
 Arsenic Less than 3 mg/kg
 Mercury Less than 1 mg/kg
 Cadmium Less than 1mg/kg


GMO is a multi-functional, oil soluble emulsifier. It functions as dough strengthener, flavouring agent, stabilizer and thickner, lubricant and release agent, surface finishing agent and texturizer.

Application in food

Baked Goods
Breads and Cakes.

Chewing gum, Toffees and Caramel.

Dairy Products
Ice Creams and Desserts.

Margarines and Shortenings.

Mushed potatoes and pastes noodles.

Functions as an Anti-foaming agent in juice processing.

Non-food Application

Personal Care Products
Used as a lubricant, solubilizer and dispersant in personal care products such as creams and lotions.
Used in bath oils as emollient and spreading agent.

Industrial Application
Used as a lubricant and rust protector in oils, synthetic lubricants and metal working fluids.
Functions as a textile lubricany for synthetic fibre and spin finishes.

Personal Care Products
Used as an excipient in antibiotics and other drugs.

Food and Packaging Fild
Used as an anti-blocking agent for food packaging film.




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